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Safety First is dedicated to educating consumers on retirement financial matters so they can make wise decisions and secure their financial future.


Due to current economic conditions and an unstable stock market many people have been seeking safe places to put a portion of their retirement savings. Annuities have gained the attention of retirees because of their safety and guarantees. Not everyone should own an annuity, but an annuity under the right circumstances can play a vital role in securing your retirement.

Safety First has become concerned over the confusion by the public on how annuities work and the misguidance consumers are receiving from media and others who do not specialize in this area.


No two annuities are the same:

·        Some annuities are very simple like a CD and others are more sophisticated

·        Some have guarantee of principal and interest while others put 100% of your savings at risk

·        There are annuities with substantial fees deducted from your account annually and can reduce your principal while others do not

·        Some annuities have higher penalties than others

·        Certain annuities are designed to provide income and others are created to grow

·        Annuities come in various lengths or maturities

·        There are numerous way to access money from your annuity, which is the best


Due to substantial misinformation and misunderstanding of how annuities work, Safety First has devoted a considerable amount of time and resources to educating consumers on the pros and cons of annuities. You can learn the basic of annuities herein our Consumer Alert Information Kit or our website at www.Sfinancial.net, but remember; it takes an experienced Financial Professional to match the best annuity to your circumstances. Annuity providers are very competitive so new annuities with new features and benefits become available fairly often. We constantly monitor all the various plans offered by which companies and compare them based on their features and benefits, strengths and weaknesses.


Not all annuities are created equal!

With top financial professionals and licensed representatives, we are dedicated to answer questions and point retirees in the right direction. Safety First offers valuable information about annuities. Our dedicated team is ready and here for you, and will do the best to help you on the path to secure your retirement.


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